We have just got back from two weeks holiday, the first time we have left the hotel since taking over.  We were quite nervous to leave it and had a frantic few weeks making sure that everything was ready, trying to think of all possible eventualities. By the time we were ready to leave the team was ushering us out of the door, much like teenagers getting rid of their parents for the weekend.

With hindsight we really need not have worried. The staff continued with the work with their usual friendliness and efficiency, and took everything in their stride. Whilst we were away we were eagerly watching our email to see the comments and reviews coming in from customers, and delighted to see the rave reports:

All the staff were friendly and attentive, the girl at the bar was great company and nothing was too much trouble for any of them. We were told that the owners were away, I can say that they had left their business in the very capable hands of lovely staff and had nothing to worry about.

We’re back at work now and into the swing of things again.  When you live in a place like the Lake District, coming back from holiday isn’t all bad.  The sun was shining today, fairly warm despite their being snow on the hills, so everything looking beautiful.  Inca is enjoying being home too!