We are committed to minimising our environmental impact as practically possible, whilst continuing to deliver first class hospitality. Our team are continuously reviewing our processes and procedures, working with suppliers to identify opportunities for improvement. We encourage our guests to join us pm this journey – please do talk to a member of our team if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Our business aims include:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our business
  • Support local suppliers and producers
  • Raise awareness of our carbon footprint and choices within our team and our customers

Our current sustainable initiatives include:

  • Cut our general waste by 50% through:
    • recycling 100% of glass, plastics and cardboard. We encourage guests to assist us with this by using the recycling boxes provided in our rooms and apartments.
    • compost 100% of our kitchen food waste with our on-site Hot-Composter, saving over 3 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • Use recycled materials whereever possible
    • All printed paper is 100% recycled
    • Our toilet paper is made from 100% recycled materials, supplied by WhoGivesACrap (a registed B-corp who also work to provide clean toilet facilities throughout the world)
    • Eliminate all single use plastics
  • We ask our guests to consider reusing towels. Fresh towels are available daily on request.
  • Our electricity supply is 100% renewable. We do still use gas and heating oil, which is both environmentally damaging and embarrasing to admit, but currently not practicle for us to change – we aim to minimise usage through improved insulation and efficient control and management of the heating system.

More about Hot Composting

hot composting

It is estimated that 11.8 Million tonnes of food waste end up in landfill in the UK alone. Thrown into landfill, the food simply rots away. This process releases harmful Co2 gases (20% of the UK’s greenhouse emissions) into the atmosphere.

Composting is a natural process which converts the potentially harmful gases produced by rotting food and bio-degradable matter into a nutrient rich substance which is healthy for the earth, waterways and atmosphere.

Our Ridan Hot Composter safely composts all our kitchen waste, including leftover food and plate scrapings, producing nutrient rich compost which we use in our garden. We also provide compost to the local community, and guests are welcome to take some home with them too!